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“…I used many of the tips that you provided in the lessons. Sometimes I re-read your lessons and new ideas come to me. Funny how my “inner critic” seems to disappear when I read your lessons… and the “creative” side of me steps up to the plate. You help me to believe in myself and my message, and to have confident expectations for success.. Thanks so much, Earma.” —Nicky Vanvalkenburgh

“…Through your materials, I have managed to finish my book: Depression: My Witness, Your Solution (Five easy steps to reprogram your inner voice and set your mind free.) Thank you very much for all the assistance you have given me either from your articles, courses or from the ebooks I have purchased from you in the past.”
Stelios Nicolaou,

About The BIG Dream Evolution System 5.0

Inside the BIG Dream Evolution System 5.0, discover how to author a book with a time-tested system selected from five different time tracks Weekend, 48, 100, 200 days or one year academy. You choose the time frame and the road map that fits you and your schedule best.

After spending years training experts, speakers, faith based leaders, doctorate and business professionals, CPAs and especially WOW! Women to become an author and create multiple streams of passive income for life. When I met them they were struggling to pull it all together into a core idea. I developed several formulas, easy techniques, systems and eventually formed the BIG Dream Evolution System.

I discovered all kinds of aspiring authorpreneurs, in general, need three basic elements in place to successfully write, publish and promote their expertise through books, information products and programs. The three success elements are, a time tested system, training to use the system and a specialized coaching curriculum to MAXIMIZE the results for faster, bigger, better and lasting results.

After, putting these elements in place to pen, publish and promote in a successful and lasting way, many are receiving life long benefits, even developing life style businesses filled with long-term producing assets and passive income.

1.) First, you need a TIME-TESTED writing, publishing and promotion SYSTEM. Legendary quality guru Dr. W. Edwards Demin’s research found 94% of all failures come from lack of a time-tested system. Therefore, the fastest and easiest way to succeed with almost anything is to find a time-tested system, learn it and apply it.

Over the past two decades, I’ve written and published over twenty books. Additionally, we’ve trained hundreds of experts worldwide to write, publish and market their books. Along with my experience, I have observed the systems, strategies and techniques of other luminaries and what they use to publish, promote successfully, and manage to stand out in the crowd in their field.

I put the BIG Dream System including the New Book Model program into practice myself to produce my twenty books including a couple of Amazon best selling books and those of my clients. This program is a powerful mix of those time-tested methods into a exclusive publishing and promotion system that gets results.

2.) Then you need TRAINING how to use the time-tested system effectively. An African proverb says, “Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Therefore, the New Book Model trains you to use these high-level, time-tested writing, publishing and promoting systems, strategies and techniques, so you can turn your knowledge into an asset and reap the rewards for the rest of your life.
On top of all that, each system is a repeatable process. Our training is especially designed for the DIY community as well as for experts, speakers, other professionals and WOW! Women who carefully oversee the work of others they mentor and those whom they serve in their community.

3.) Thirdly you need a specialized kind of coaching (TEACHING) including accountability and a specific plan of action which we provide in our coaching curriculums, the EDGE, EMERGE and EVOLVE programs. “A study featured in Public Personnel Management Journal reports that managers that underwent a managerial training program showed an increased productivity of 22.4%. However, a second group who were provided coaching following the training process and their  productivity increased by 88%. Research does demonstrate that one-on-one executive coaching is of value.” – F. Turner, Ph.D.

It is important to note Without coaching, productivity increased only 22%. Therefore, the BIG Dream Evolution Systems provide a specialized, high-level systematic, training and coaching environment (with five road maps to choose from) where failure is not an option to get results if you participate as suggested. All three of these critical success elements (time tested system, training and coaching) are provided to make this one distinctive program that you can’t find anywhere else.

For the same reason, I teach others, I decided to pull all my work together and create an exclusive, 12-month Mastermind EVOLVE, $5,000-$10,000 live coaching program delivered via the Book Success Academy several years ago. Even though members of the Book Success Academy get wonderful results from it, I realize the 12-month commitment and fee is not for everyone. It even stops many qualified experts, entrepreneurs, professionals and writers from taking advantage of the publishing training and coaching body of knowledge with expertise my team and I offer.
Therefore, I created several training and coaching curriculums based on different time frames and price points called the BIG Dream Evolution System formed on the same lead generating and ultimately income-generating systems, formulas, strategies and techniques I teach in the exclusive, year-long Book Success Academy.

Additionally, we’ve made available the Coaching Curriculums to each MASTER Class via time track. EDGE, EMERGE, EVOLVE Coaching Curriculums, respectively includes 2-12 Group Coaching Calls With Q/A Sessions, the M.A.R.K.E.T. Challenge, L.A.U.N.C.H., MAXIMIZE and MASTERS Action Plans and Workbooks are also available as bonus material according to the length of time track. (see More below)

Featured Course
Signature Book Camp

The Signature Book System TM – trains you to author and publish a book that attracts fresh leads 24/7, creates multiple money streams and uses your knowledge center to build sustainable assets.

You’ll receive a series of multi media trainings that give you the formulas, tutorials, strategies, and resources you need to author a lead-generating book and generate multiple income streams for life.  This includes:

  • How to identify profitable niche markets using the S.E.L.E.C.T. Book Topic Formula. You pinpoint markets that are looking for and can pay for solutions to the problems you specialize in solving and the dreams you can help them achieve.
  • How to B.U.I.L.D.D. a book that leads to 24/7 leads, life long passive income and lasting relationships with your customers and readers.
  • How to “Write, P.U.B.L.I.S.H. and Promote ‘Your Book’ using the New Book Model, a step by step guide,” an overview of the powerful and effective book money system hundreds of book authors have successfully used over and over again.
  • How to P.R.O.D.U.C.T.I.Z.E. and make book money and create multiple income streams starting with a book using the New Book Model.
  • How to L.E.V.E.R.A.G.E. and develop the You-nique mix of books, info products and programs that can attract multiple streams of customers and money consistently and sometimes automatically with Earma’s proprietary system called the Book Money Plan TM.
  • How to author a book selecting from five different time tracks in a Weekend, 48, 100, 200 or 365 days. You choose the road map and time frame that suits you best.
  • How to create (B.U.I.L.D.D.) a book that, generates leads and effectively is a very tasteful and compelling brochure for your expert -level services, products, or programs.
  • How to partner with an editor and cover designer; or employ self-editing techniques and DIY Cover Design Methods and Software to create, not only a compelling cover but a lead generating one as well.
  • How to implement 21 powerful (lead generating) techniques with your book to get bigger, better leads, results and attract more high end clients.

Signature Book Camp Your investment:  Introductory $497  Click here
Pay only 997 and Add the EDGE Coaching Curriculum


The BIG Dream Evolution System 5.0

M.A.S.T.E.R. Classes and Courses with Road Maps

Inside the BIG Dream Evolution System there are six publishing, promotional and time tracks you can follow:

  1. Weekend = Weekend-To-A-Book Curriculum plus with Q/A: Weekend To A Book Event (Available for hosted offline live event)
  2. 6 Weeks = 48 Days To A Book Curriculum via 6 Class Sessions with Q/A – CDs: 48 Days To A Book Home Study (Also offered offline as hosted live event – contact us if your organization or writers’ group is interested in hosting 6 week class.)
  3. 100 Days = One Master Class with 3 Group Coaching Calls: | Self Publish Your Way  |  iProductology  |  Signature Systems
  4. 200 Days = Two Master Class Bundle with 6 Group Coaching Calls: 100 Days To A Book + Self Publish Your Way | Signature Book Camp & iProductology | iProductology + iProgramology
  5. 365 Days = Book Success Academy with four M.A.S.T.E.R. classes plus 9 Group Coaching Calls, two companion bonuses and complimentary pass to one live event.
  6. Challenge & Specialty Book Camps =  | |  | Signature Book Camp  Audioitology   |  Book Success Club  |  Webitology

Out of the six publishing and promotional tracks above, you can choose to follow the one that suits you best… Based on over 20 years’ experience, I pinpointed  five levels or areas people are most likely starting from when it comes to writing, publishing, promoting and creating multiple money streams, beginning with a book. Essentially each roadmap is designed for a certain track but can also be interchangable.  I’m almost certain you’ll resonate with one of the five roadmaps listed below.

Which roadmap suits you best? After choosing the roadmap that fits you best see the descriptions below for your preferred program.

  1. I’m ready to author a book, but I’m not certain (lack clarity) on a topic my target readers and audience want and/or will pay for. (100DaysToABook |
  2. I started a book already but need a system to finish strong and publish it successfully. (48 Days To A Book, Weekend To A Book  |   100 Days To A Book  |  Signature Book Camp or Course Bundle: 100 Days To A Book & Self Publish Your Way)
  3. I want to author and publish a book as quickly as possible in 100 days or less. (Signature Book Camp, 48 Days To A Book Class or Weekend To A Book Event)
  4. I want to plan, pen, publish & promote a book, develop information products and/or high-level programs based on my education, experience, body of knowledge along with expertise and promote them effectively (affordably and profitably.) (200 Days – Signature Book Camp & iProductology or 365 Days –
  5. I want to receive training and coaching to step by step author a 24/7 lead generating book, develop information products and high-level programs based on my education, experience, body of knowledge along with expertise and promote them effectively (affordably and profitably.) ( including EVOLVE coaching curriculum – One Year Program; add EDGE Coaching Curriculum to individual MASTER Class)

A Few More Ideas..

6. I’ve practically finished my manuscript but I want to make it better and insert the lead generators and built-in-book money magnets that have   worked for Earma, her students and clients. (30DaysToABetterBook)
7. I want to create an ebook and publish it on as many platforms as possible including Kindle, BN, Apple, My Own Website… (Ebookitology)
8. I’ve published my book and want to turn it into a course and other information products. (iProductology)
9. I’ve published my book and created several iproducts. I want to transform my book and iproducts into a signature program. (Signature Systems)
10. I want affordable monthly access to Earma’s teaching and coaching (Book Success Club)

After you choose your preferred road map, laser focusing becomes easy because you are strategically guided to the track, time frame and tools you require to achieve the publishing and promotional goals you set for yourself — with the EDGE & EMERGE system’s help.

The New Book Model paperback and The Book Marketing Kit including the Book Money Blueprint, the LAUNCH and MARKET Action Plans are added bonuses I know are important in delivering you the bigger and better results you want from this program–that’s why we included them as bonuses.

With the guidance of this proven and effective system, you will additionally be able to create your “plan of action” to achieve your set goals (book, products and signature programs) and identify the blocks of time in your busy schedule to accomplish them successfully using only the parts of the BIG Dream Evolution SystemTM relevant to the road map you selected.

Your Investment: Individual Master Classes start at $497
Master Class Plus Coaching Curriculums: Starting at $997 with application + Deposit 50%

Sign up below or Go here to choosed your preferred time track and program or

1. Weekend To A Book Event
The Ultimate Success Track: Write A Book This Weekend Virtual Retreat The Ultimate Success Track: Write A Book This Weekend is a virtual training event.  It’s a weekend we make an appointment to set apart dedicated time to get your book done, taking the journey together, with us guiding you step-by-step through the process!   (“virtual” Two-Day program)!   Imagine your very own book with your name on the front and your expertise represented.
In this program, Earma teaches you how to create a saleable book fast that will capture attention, interest and grab a boat load of leads. And get this,
she supplies all the steps you need to do it in one short weekend! We’ve come up with a proven system, connect-the-dot instructions and a laser focused time to getting it done.  Weekend To A Book On-Demand | Notify Me of Next WTAB Event

2. 48 Days To A Book Teleseminar or offline hosted class
The Fast Track: 48 Days To A Book System It’s important you get all the pieces of the puzzle, because if you don’t, you could miss out on getting your
book written the easy, fast way.   In fact, one of the things Earma teaches you in The Fast Track: 48 Days To A Book System are the VERY same
strategies on how to write a saleable book specifically for the nonfiction genre.What’s a saleable book? It’s a book that LEVERAGES every strategic
selling point available to you in and on your book including the cover, title, back cover, introduction, toc and more. Also, it INSPIRES your readers to
BUY NOW, and (and most importantly) a book that your readers will not only enjoy reading but LOVE sharing!   Whether you’re an aspiring author or an  experienced writer, you’ll discover strategies and Earma’s proven plan designed to help you create those lead generating books again and again. All you need to  do is follow her step by step system to see these results in YOUR book writing process. Learn More    |  Sign Up Now   | Home Study Version Now Available  Notify Me of Next 48 Days To A Book Teleseminar |  Consider Hosting A Class for your Organization or Writers Group: Host A Class For Us Inquiry

3. 100 Days To A Book Course
100 Days To A Book is a highly practical goal oriented program designed to guide experts, entrepreneurs, business professionals and especially doctorate professionals to produce a book manuscript in such a way that generates leads and becomes a 24/7 sales magnet.   More Details  | Sign Up Now

4. Self Publish Your Way Course
Its the second step goals oriented program is Self Publish Your Way program that has walked hundreds like you along with experts, entrepreneurs
and business professionals including doctorate professionals through the self publishing process. At the end of this program, you will be a published author and equipped to repeat the process, if you so choose. More Details  |  Sign Up Now

5. 200 Days Bundle of Courses
Take Two Master Classes with 6 Group Coaching Calls: 100 Days To A Book + Self Publish Your Way | Signature Book Camp & iProductology Coming Soon: iProductology + iProgramology

6. 365 Days of Book Success & Beyond
Start now and enroll in all four master classes at the Book Success Academy. After enrolling in the Book Success Academy, you will receive four M.A.S.T.E.R. classes plus 9 Group Coaching Calls, two companion bonuses and complimentary pass to one live event.
Sign up now at

7. Choose a Challenge or Specialty Book Camp and get started today  | | Ebookitology  | Signature Book Camp  Coming Soon:  Audioitology   |  Book Success Club  |  Webitology | 30 Day Email Challenge | iCourseology

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