Choose Your Book Outline Template To Write Faster

Why reinvent the wheel? You need only choose one of the book outlines, templates or strategies listed below to write your book faster than ever. My personal favorite is the ten points strategy. By the way, you can use any number you want below twelve. People have a tendency to think it’s complicated if you list off any more than that. But I’ve used six, seven, ten or even twelve occasionally. Either way, follow the outline step by step and write your book. Now we’re starting with the ‘ten chapters ten points plan:

1. Use the “Ten Chapters with Ten Points” plan. With this plan, you take the topical
information that you’ve gathered for the book and:
” Divide this information into ten sub-topics.
” Use your existing information first;
” Do research to fill in any holes or empty pockets.
” Create an outline from your list of topics.
” Write your table of contents from your outline.
” Take each sub-topic, write a chapter introduction, create ten points and a
” Write your front and back matter including the book’s introduction.
With the Ten Chapter – Ten Point plan, you’ll have at least 100 points to angle and
use to sell your book.

2. Write a Short, Short Book. This is a shorter book variable of the 10 Point Plan.
You could write four chapters with 10 points. You would then have 40 tips to market
your book with. For example, 40 Article Writing Tips & Templates. Here’s one more,
if the 10 points seem intimidating: You could write seven chapters with three points
each. With this plan you would have twenty-one tips or lessons to market with. For
instance, one of the bonus ebooks called 21 Weekend Warrior Writing

Example Book Concept: Photoshop CS5: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks by
Lynette Kent (Jun 28, 2010);

3. Create a Tips Book: In a book of tips, you would usually feature a list of 10-101
tips. Some tip books offer a long list of tips that string throughout the book including
many per page. Each tip might be just a sentence or two long. Or you might consider
including a paragraph or two of explanation per tip.
Example Book Concept: Playing Basketball: An Arm Chair Guide Full of 100 Tips to
Getting Better at Basketball by Arm Chair Guides (Jun 23, 2011)

4. Make a List Book: A list book could be formatted similar to the tips book. You
would include a list of 10-101 things a reader needs to know on a subject. Each item
might include a short informative essay to go with the item on the list. (Think “101
Ways to…”) Or you might strategize like the ten chapter with ten points book. If you
did it this way, you would have a list of ten things or ways in each chapter.
Example Book Concept:100 Tips For Blues Guitar You Should Have Been Told
(Book & CD) by David Mead (Jan 1, 2006)

5. Compile top mistakes or secrets. Everyone hates making mistakes. In this plan,
you compile the top mistakes in your industry with the solutions.
” List at least ten to twenty-one mistakes you see being made in the day-to-day
grind of your field.
” Write in detail the solution or the way to avoid making each mistake.
” Put at least a couple of mistakes you made inside your book.
” Write your front and back matter including the book’s introduction.
Most people want to hear about you being the bug on the windshield, at least
sometimes. They may tune you out, if you are the windshield all the time. A variation
to this plan would be to expose the top secrets in your field inside your book.
Example Book Concepts: The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make by Hans Finzel (Oct
1, 2007); The Top Ten Mistakes Salespeople Make & How to Avoid Them by Todd

6. Turn your talking points to teaching points. If you are a stronger speaker than
writer but still want a book. You can do this; turn your speech talking points into
teaching points in your book. Perhaps, you conduct a popular workshop.
” Record your latest and best speech or workshop.
Write A Book This Weekend – Setup For Success Transcript – Earma Brown
” Hire a transcriptionist to transcribe your audio.
” Take your transcribed audio or audios and form into a book. It might not be a
good read, if you take the transcription straight to print.
” Create a book outline.
” Write an introduction and summary for each chapter.
” Then insert the meaty parts from your audio in each chapter to form your
book. You can use your lists, stories, examples and illustrations.
” Consider hiring a ghostwriter to turn your transcribed speech or workshop into
a book, if all this sounds like too much.
” Write your front and back matter including the book’s introduction.
Example Book Concepts: The Idiot’s Guide To Websites; How to Write a Lot: A
Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing by Paul J. Silvia (Jan 15, 2007); The
Best Kept Secrets of Investors

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March 2, 2019
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