The New and Improved 100 Days To A Book Course!

100 Days To A Book is a highly practical goal oriented program designed to guide experts, entrepreneurs, business professionals and especially doctorate professionals to produce a book manuscript in such a way that generates leads and becomes a 24/7 sales magnet.

Sample Lesson: Decide Your Strategy, Part 1

Course Curriculum

100Days Section 1
100Days Lesson1 How To Write A Book In 100 Days 00:00:00
100Days Lesson 2 Selecting A Topic 00:00:00
100Days Section 2
100Days Lesson3 Deciding Your Strategy 00:00:00
100Days Lesson4 Write Or Speak Your First Draft 00:00:00
100Days Section 3
100Days Lesson 5 Lead Generators 00:00:00
100Days Lesson6 Self Editing 00:00:00
100Days Section 4
100Days Lesson7 Interior Design Tips 00:00:00
100Days Lesson8 Book Cover Design Tips 00:00:00
100Days Section 5
100Days Lesson9 Exploring Publishing Options 00:00:00
100Days Lesson10 Book Promotion Ready Set Launch 00:00:00
100Days Section 6
100Days Lesson11 Ebook Your Book 00:00:00
100Days Lesson12 Multiple Money Streams 00:00:00

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