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How to Profit from Your Passion with eBooks & More… “Want to write an ebook that your readers will stampede like a herd of cattle to read? This unique step by step course and membership reveals the truth about ebook writing and publishing that every ebook author or marketer has absolutely got to know…this is the perspective no one really talks about! The course and membership also includes templates, checklist, bonus eBookittutorials and Amazon Bestseller Kit, Book Money Map for Platinum members, all annual updates. Sign up now


7 Steps To Ebook Success

Welcome to the Ebookitology featured course and membership! We are happy to have you join us.
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Step 1 – Ebookitology & YOU
Step 2 – Plan a Passive Income Stream
Step 3 – Prep To Publish A Best Seller
Step 4 – Pen (Write) A Kindle eBook
Step 5 – Place (Format) Your eBook
Step 6 – Publish (Upload) The eBook
Step 7 – Promote Your Ebook


The Amazon Kindle Ebooks store is a spectacular way to bring more people into your sphere of influence, while earning a fair amount of commissions as a publisher. According to the Kindle’s rules sat the time of this writing, most publishers get to keep 70% of the revenue from sales. Some publishers use Amazon Kindle as their main source of passive income and revenue. Others use books published on the Amazon Kindle as a method to bring people into their sales funnel. Whatever the case for you, there’s no question that publishing a Kindle book is a great way to gain more exposure and increase revenues. Here’s how to publish your Kindle book, step by step.

Step 1: Ebookitology & You 

With the Ebook Revolution exploding across the globe, there’s a lot of information out there. I created my first profitable ebook back in 2000 for a tiny niche that was small enough but big enough market for me to profit. As a way to help and educate my clients, I developed the Ebookitology.com website for them and anyone needing clarity on how to get an ebook up and working for them quickly. No, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even with ebooks, it’s best to work on creating a quality ebook, follow good business practices and incorporate what works best for you in the ebook world and market. So, first of all we’ll take a moment to talk about the basics: What is an ebook? What is Ebookitology? The different formats available to you. Where will you sell your ebook? What will this course cover and more including outsourcing tips and ebook marketing (where and how you want to promote your ebook after it’s done)

Step 2: Plan A Passive Income

Select a Micro-Niche. Find the big idea. Do your keyword research. You’ll find out how in this module. You set your book up for success with including targeting your niche with a big idea and supported with your audience keywords. The books that tend to do well on Kindle are very targeted books. For example, you’re more likely to succeed with a book called “40 Travel Tips for Malaysia” than a book called “101 Travel Tips.” The specific does better than the general. So, instead of releasing one “end all be all” book, you may be better off with two or three smaller books that target very specific audiences.

Step 3: Prep To Publish A Bestseller

Whether or not your ebook will sell well in large part comes down to four elements, the title, the description, the category and the cover. A sizzling title will move thousands of copies; while a title that’s boring will sit on the virtual shelf with no sales with the same principles and general information as its competitor’s ebook. Titles generally aren’t “okay” or “good” – They either sell or they don’t sell. In other words, they’re either great or they don’t work at all. The same goes for descriptions. A compelling description should make your eyes light up with excitement. People who read your description should be eager to read the rest of your ebook. The reason categories are critical because it helps your ebook connect with the right audience. It’s not a good idea to guess on which category to use; do your homework first. The Ebookitology.com course and tutorials are designed to help you come up with a stellar title, a great description and a
category that facilitates sales. It even includes an Ebook Cover 101 tutorial, and where to go for DIY software and outsourcing…

Step 4: Pen (Write)

Use a power outline. Structure your book for easy writing and most importantly, easy reading. Write the book itself. Write, rewrite and rewrite again until you truly have a blockbuster hit. A big part of Kindle success comes from reviews. If people say positive things about you on in their reviews, you have a much higher chance of making more sales in the future. The secret to great reviews is writing a great book. So really pour your heart and soul into making your book as great as it can possibly be.

Step 5: Place (Format) Your Book 

Format your book for the Kindle. That means placing your guide items in the right place, inserting page breaks between chapters, inserting your table of contents and making sure your images are formatted correctly. There are a lot of resources online about how to format a Kindle book. For our Ebookitology members, we provide a MS Word Tutorial and basic MS Word Template to help make the process easier. Alternatively, you can outsource this entire process for under $20 or use the new kindle formatting software. We recommend if you don’t want to figure it out for yourself, just pay someone else to do it. Click the link above under Step 5 for the details.

Step 6: Publish (Upload) the Book

Go to the Kindle Direct Publishing site at http://kdp.amazon.com. Follow the on screen instructions to publish your book. Make sure you select the right categories and confirm that you have the appropriate copyrights to publish your book.  e-computer-200Categories are important, as that’s how people will find your book. Try to figure out the category that your ideal buyers would most likely be browsing. We show you some ideal price points. This tends to be the sweet spot, where people are willing to make snap purchases. You also get a 70% cut of the commission. Amazon takes a larger cut of the commissions for higher priced books. After uploading your Kindle book, you can expect to wait about 24 to 72 hours before your book goes live in the Kindle store. The Kindle team has a very, very fast response time. The consensus is that Kindle doesn’t really check for the quality of the content; instead they just check to make sure that no plagiarism is going on and that you truly do have the rights to the products you’re selling. Don’t panic if your description and/or your book cover doesn’t appear in the Amazon Kindle store immediately. It’s not uncommon that your book will be approved while other parts, like the cover don’t appear yet. Give the Kindle store a good week or so before expecting everything to be up.

Step 7: Promote Your Book

One big mistake people make is thinking that Kindle books promote themselves. This just isn’t true. Yes, the Kindle market is big and yes, you can get in front of people who wouldn’t have heard about you before. However, in order to really get people to buy your book you need to make an effort to get your book out there. Start by sending out the link to your book to your own social network and to your own list. Promote it on your Facebook pages and your Twitter accounts. Browse Kindle forums and become an active user in the Kindle community. Review other people’s books and ask them to do the same for yours. Advertise on Kindle websites. Sites like the Kindle Nation Daily attract the ideal kind of audience for a Kindle book. Placing an ad on such a site can be a great way to bring in more buyers. Offer free review copies of your book to people who run blogs about your kind of book. For example, if you publish a book about investing, contact people who run investment blogs and give them a free review copy.

Course Curriculum

Ebookitology Agenda 00:00:00
Ebookitology Introduction 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 1 Why 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 2 Planning Passive Income 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 3 Bestseller 00:05:00
Ebookitology Lesson 4 Write Ebook 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 5 Format Your Ebook 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 6 Publish Your Book 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 7 Promote Your Ebook 00:00:00
Bonus Paperback Training
Ebookitology PaperbackIntro 00:00:00
Ebookitology-Paperback1 Createspace Setup 00:00:00
Ebookitology Paperback KindleCreate 00:07:00
Ebookitology Paperback3 Template 00:00:00
Ebookitology Paperback4 TOCPDFs 00:00:00
Ebookitology Paperback5 CoverCreation 00:00:00
Ebookitology Paperback6 BookDtails 00:00:00
Ebookitology-Paperback7 ProofPublish 00:00:00
Bonus Book Money Training
Ebookitology Book Money Map 2 00:00:00
Ebookitology Book Money Map 3 00:00:00
Ebookitology Book Money Map 4 00:00:00
Ebookitology Book Money Map 5 00:00:00
Bonus Amazon Bestseller Training Kit
Bonus Ebookitutorials
Ebookitology Bonus Ebookitutorials 00:00:00
Ebookitology Apple Publishing 00:00:00
Bonus iBook & Nook Training
Ebookitology Nook Publishing 00:00:00
Ebookitology Nook Formatting 00:00:00

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