5 Easy Steps To B.U.I.L.D. Your Book Content Into A Multi-Media Online Course

Are you looking for an easy way to create an information product from your book, articles or blog content? If so, here’s a powerful strategy that is sure to change the way that you look at using your book content to grow your business and profits.

Simply put, this strategy is how to take your book idea or table of contents and transform it into a Multi-Media Online Course that sells for $97 or perhaps much more. Inside icourseology, we cover the pricing phycology. For now, we go over FIVE steps…

First, let me define what an online course is. For most, an online course is where you create content (usually audio and/or video with PDF lessons, handouts, worksheets, assignments, and more) that guides your clients through a step-by-step process or system to help them achieve a desired goal. You then take this content and “store it” online. There are plenty of tools for doing this, but one of my favorite DIY resources is Optimize Press with a membership plugin. In summary, that is the definition of an online course and ANYONE can create one, including YOU.

There are a few reasons to consider creating an online course:

1.Make More Money In The Backend: For example, forget six figures to make even a five figure income, you would have to sell scores of thousands of book sales. Unless your book makes you a New York Times Best-Selling Author you would rarely make good money from a couple of dollars per book sale. Yet, typically an online course can sell from $97 – $997 or MORE depending on your specific market and topic.
Even if you begin toward the lower end and sell a course for $297 you only need 10 sales per month to earn an extra $35,640 per year.
2.Make A Bigger Difference. Many, if not most of your readers are looking for “more” from you. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve done a good job with your book, there are plenty of people who will read your book and love it. But there are also plenty of folks who will want more and go much deeper with the material. Therefore, creating  a next step/level offer such as an online course can create a powerful connection for you and your clients. This allows you to deliver greater results for your clients, fans and readers making you a real hero in your market.

So let’s roll with those five Steps formed into the acronym B.U.I.L.D. for Turning Your Book Idea into a Multi-Media Online Course:

B. Begin with a bullet proof topic.
U. Use a BIG Outline Generator with three simple steps.
I. Interest your potential participants with a head turning title.
L. Leverage your course with fast content creation.
D. Develop a quality package for more profits.

Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1:Introduction to Social Media
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    Building Social Authority 00:20:00
    Section 2: Types & Conclusion
    Classification of Social Media 00:25:00
    Advertising on Social Media 00:35:00
    General Knowledge Quiz 00:05:00

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