Signature Book Camp

How to author and publish a book that attracts fresh leads 24/7 and creates multiple money streams using the twelve pillars of success.

Inside this course/membership, you’ll receive a series of multi media trainings that give you the formulas, tutorials, strategies, and resources you need to author a lead-generating book.  This includes how to:

•Write and Publish Your Book using the New Book Model, a step by step guide,” an overview of the powerful and effective system hundreds of book authors have successfully used over and over again.

•Make book money and create multiple income streams starting with a book.

•B.U.I.L.D.D. a book that leads to life long passive income and lasting relationships with your customers and readers.

•Identify profitable niche markets that are looking for and can pay for the problems you specialize in solving and the dreams you can help them achieve.

•Develop the You-nique mix of books, info products and programs that can attract multiple streams of customers and money consistently and sometimes automatically with Earma’s proprietary system called the Book Money Plan TM.

•Author a book selecting from five different time tracks in a Weekend, 48, 100, 200 or 365 days. You choose the road map and time frame that suits you best.

•Create a book that, effectively is a very tasteful and compelling brochure for your expert -level services, products, and/or programs.

•Partner with an editor and cover designer; or employ self-editing techniques and DIY Cover Design Methods and Software to create a compelling cover.

•Pinpoint profitable niches that are looking for what you have to offer and can pay for the solutions you have developed.

•Use 21 powerful ways to use your 24/7 lead generating book to get bigger and better results and attract more high end clients.

•Create a twenty-four hour lead generating book that attracts a lifelong stream of clients.

Course Curriculum

Setting Up For Success
Signature Book Camp Overview 00:00:00
Signature Book Camp Welcome 00:00:00
SBCL1-DiscoverBigWhy 00:00:00
SBCL2-SelectBookTopic1 00:00:00
SBCL2-SelectBookTopic3 00:00:00
SBCL2-SelectBookTopic2 00:00:00
Mapping Your Book Journey
SBCL3-StandOut 00:00:00
SBCL3-AudienceFinder 00:00:00
SBCL4-ChooseStructure1 00:00:00
SBCL4-ChooseStructure2 00:00:00
Writing To Engage
SBCL5-PowerOutline1 00:00:00
SBCL5-PowerOutline2 00:00:00
SBCL5-PowerOutline3 00:00:00
SBCL5-PowerOutline4 00:00:00
SBCL5-PowerOutline5 00:00:00
SBCL6-ChapterWriting1 00:00:00
SBCL6-ChapterWriting2 00:00:00
SBCL6-ChapterWriting3 00:00:00
Launching Book & Lead Generators
SBCL7-LeadGenerators1 00:00:00
SBCL7-LeadGenerators2 00:00:00
SBCL7-PassionPoints 00:00:00
SBCL8-BookPromotion1 00:00:00
SBCL8-BookPromotion2 00:00:00
SBCL8-BookPromotion3 00:00:00
SBCL8-BookLaunchAction 00:00:00
Exploring A Lifestyle Business
SBCL9-Productize 00:00:00
SBCL9-MultipleMoney1 00:00:00
SBCL10-SignatureProgram1 00:00:00
SBCL10-SignatureProgram2 00:00:00
Publishing To Profit
SBCL11-CreateCover 00:00:00
SBCL12-PublishYourWay 00:00:00
SBCL12-CreatespaceTutorial 00:00:00
SBC-Resources 00:00:00

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