Ebookitology Course

Ebookitology How to Profit from Your Passion with eBooks & More

“Want to write an ebook that your readers will stampede like a herd of cattle to read? This unique step by step course and membership reveals the truth about ebook writing and publishing that every ebook author or marketer has absolutely got to know…this is the perspective no one really talks about! The course and membership also includes templates, checklist, bonus eBookittutorials bonus Paperback Training.  Sign up now


7 Steps To Ebook Success

Step 1 – Ebookitology.com & YOU
Step 2 – Plan a Passive Income Stream
Step 3 – Prep To Publish A Best Seller
Step 4 – Pen (Write) A Kindle eBook
Step 5 – Place (Format) Your eBook
Step 6 – Publish (Upload) The eBook
Step 7 – Promote Your Ebook

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Course Curriculum

Ebookitology Section 1
Ebookitology Introduction 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 1 Why 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 2 Planning Passive Income 00:00:00
Ebookitology Section 2
Ebookitology Lesson 3 Bestseller 00:05:00
Ebookitology Lesson 4 Write Ebook 00:00:00
Ebookitology Section 3
Ebookitology Lesson 5 Format Your Ebook 00:00:00
Ebookitology Lesson 6 Publish Your Book 00:00:00
Ebookitology Section 4
Ebookitology Lesson 7 Promote Your Ebook 00:00:00
Ebookitology Bonus Resources
Ebookitology Paperback3 Template 00:00:00
Ebookitology Paperback4 TOCPDFs 00:00:00
Ebookitology Paperback5 CoverCreation 00:00:00
Ebookitology Paperback6 BookDtails 00:00:00
Ebookitology-Paperback7 ProofPublish 00:00:00
Ebookitology Create PDF Tutorial 00:07:00
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